Harmony between body, mind and soul

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Ayurveda nutritional advice - Ayurvedic nutrition is one of the pillars of life.
For sensitive people an Ayurvedic diet is a blessing, and for all of us it is the path towards better health. It strengthens our natural defence mechanisms and reinforces the balance between body, mind and soul.

A holistic attentiveness.

The three pillars of life: love, eating, sleeping
The attentive and inattentive moments in life are a mirror of the consciousness. They help us to recognise ourselves. Attentiveness comes from a high consciousness for your own deeds, including those directed at yourself.
Happiness is recognising yourself. Happiness is a state where body, mind and soul are in harmony.

Would you like to reconnect with your original self and your energies?
With holistic Qi Gong Yoga and Ayurveda nutritional advice especially tailored to your needs you will find your way back to yourself. It is extremely important, however, that you follow your path with a lot of joy and lust for life and for love.
Dissolve your blockages and strengthen your defence forces, encounter the harmony between body, mind and soul. Ayurveda tips for daily use, including at the office.

I also have Ayurveda herbal teas from Nepal, herbs and spice mixtures for sale.