Veda in Sanskrit means ... spiritual wisdom, the knowledge. Sanskrit is the language of the ancient Indian Holy Scripts, which were based solely on intuition and spiritual experience.


Intuition is the core of spirituality.
Practising with enthusiasm, joy, bliss, with your full heart and soul - authentic.

Holistic Ayurveda for me is much more than health ... my first contact with Ayurveda was in Sri Lanka in the year 2007 ... Ihadn't yet realized at the time how effectively Ayurveda influences your whole life. 

I am enjoying my creative powers and using them for the greatest benefit to the universe. 
My studies of Ayurveda up to now include:


Nutrition - cooking classes and herbology

Ayurveda oil treatments

Abhyanga - full body oil massage

Muk-Abhyanga - facial massage

Pad-Abhyanga - foot massage 

Shirodhara forehead oil pouring

Ayurveda Marma point massage

Panchakarma treatment

Meditation - breathing - yoga

Pain therapy


The fifth element in Ayurveda ... for me is spirituality ... Ayurveda with spirituality is the holistic essence of Ayurveda. 


And finally ... two years of Ayurveda studies...



Izabela Joos