Wild herbs - Ayurveda from Nepal in Wiesbaden ... ... Individually for you...

This is an excerpt from the Ayurvedic wild herbs teas from Nepal, which you can taste in my practice:

Amla - rejuvenation, increased energy ...
The legend tells that the Amla tree was the first tree to be created in the universe.
Contains vitamin C. In Ayurveda it is referred to as "The Mother", because it is the best among the rejuvenating plants.

Ashwagandha - is used to stabilize and increase energy. It promotes inner peace and helps to clear the mind.

Brahmi - cognitive enhancer, increases learning and memory ability. Improves peacefulness and calmness of the mind.

Curcuma - increases healing processes and improves blood purification and blood formation. Counteracts allergies, hay fever, allergic asthma. Remedy for coughs and colds.

Guduchi - promotes vitality and provides alert, mental clarity.

Shatavari - strengthens the female reproductive organs and the breast tissue.

Triphala - is the collective name for the three Ayurvedic plants:

Bibhitaki - acts antiallergic
Haritaki - in Tibetan medicine revered as the "'queen of herbs"

Together, they ensure a long life by carefully regulating the digestive system.
Triphala is also a remedy for asthma and bronchitis.

Tulusi - harmonizes and protects against stress.

Stay healthy and spoil your senses with thousands of years of experience of Ayurveda.

By fresh vital energy, prevention and pleasure for your holistic well-being according to Izabela Joos.